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Bowling PC is a game that brings this classical sport to the PC
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Bowling PC is a game that brings this classical sport to the PC. In this game, the ten-pin bowling rules apply: you can do up to three shoots in a turn, and you will have 10 turns. You must throw your ball across the lane in order to knock down the 10 pins. Should you knock the 10 pins down in your first shot, you score a strike. If you manage to do that in two shots, you score a half strike. They would give you extra points for doing so. You always score a point for each knocked down pin. In Bowling PC you can compete alone, trying to get the better score, against the computer or against up to five other players. The program allows you to pick an avatar for each player, including the computer. You will also be able to choose the design in the bowling ball that you will use, the club where you want to play, and the music you want the game to play while you´re bowling. You will control the ball with the cursor movement keys and the SPACE key. It´s possible to watch the game by moving the cameras in several angles.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s free
  • It allows you to play against up to five other people


  • It´s very difficult to control your shoots
  • As in every FreeGamesPick game, you are forced to install the Toolbar, accept the License Agreement and make your default search provider. Otherwise the game won´t work
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